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Kirko Bangz Flexes His R&B Skills In “Like Whoa” (Review & Stream)

I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but Kirko Bangz is a singing ass n***a! 

I don’t want to call Kirko Bangz a one-hit wonder, but on the real, it’s looking more and more like he is. That doesn’t mean I won’t give him his fair-share of opportunities to prove that he can make something dope, which is one of the reasons I decided to review “Like Whoa.”

I’ll keep it blunt with you: “Like Whoa” is predictable as s**t! It features melodies I’ve heard before, way too much influence from other rappers in the game today, and worst of all, forgettable lyrics (I don’t remember a single thing he said on his verses besides “I will beat his ass”). If your guy Kirko wants to gain respect in the game again, he’s going to have to come a bit harder than this…

Anytime I say “Like Whoa” to a woman, it’s a bad thing… (I once told a woman “Like Whoa” when she decided to pick-pocket me)



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