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Kirko Bangz Drops Another Single Titled “Macaroni ‘N Fries” (Review & Stream)

That combination of food doesn’t work for me.

Earlier this week, I completely trashed Kirko Bangz’s “Like Whoa” single. Today, he decided to release another new joint, and this time around, I sorta f**k with it! Despite the song being called “Macaroni ‘N Fries,” a mix I consider disgusting, Kirko does his thing on it, gifting us with an exhilarating performance that has him delivering a pretty infectious melody, solid harmonizing and carefree lyrical content. Personally, I can see it having quite the impact in the clubs, but then again, I don’t see n***as requesting a Kirko Bangz song to be played in the club these days…

My disdain for light skin people is impacting my writing skills.



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