Kyle Capricorn & Antoine Heard Release A Lovely Anthem Called “WOOFWOOF” (Review & Stream)

This song needs to be listened to uninterrupted (It’s that good).

One word describes “WOOFWOOF:” Beautiful! It’s instrumental is as smooth as it gets, which practically puts you in this solemn mood from start to finish. From there, you get nothing but heavenly vocals from both Kyle Capricorn and Antoine Heard, as each soulfully woo their respective chicks into following in their romantic ways. On a personal level, the song feels super relatable, mainly because I’ve used the kind of words they used on their verses to get ladies I was feeling into a lovey-dovey mood, too. On a musical level, I enjoy how the song flows, as nothing feels forced, everything just moves along serenely.

Do you know how hard it is to find an authentic love song like this on Spotify? Ya’ll need to appreciate this joint, readers!




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