Shreya Preeti is a special artist!

Shreya Preeti is an alternative Indian-American singer/songwriter from both Minneapolis and Chicago that has an unbelievable voice, and most importantly, a realness to her that makes her come across as both charming and relatable. In “Junkyard,” one of her biggest singles to-date, she shows the world just how talented she is, gifting us with a powerful tune that never lets up in passion.

I thought Shreya did a fantastic job of showing the world what a disappointed lover sounds like. I enjoy how she practically drags herself to the finish line of this song, acknowledging her downfalls, while also showing this level of fearlessness that is pretty inspiring. As for her vocals, they are beyond lovely, while the melodies she was able to deliver were practically flawless.

It would be foolish if I failed to acknowledge the instrumental that powers this song. I think the liveliness behind it is absolutely infectious. What a great job by Shreya’s band.

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