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DJ Kay Slay Calls On Kevin Gates For “I Do This On The Regular”

When Kevin Gates speaks, I listen.

How annoying was it back in the day listening to music that had DJ Kay Slay’s ass yelling throughout it? Ironically, on an official song from him, he stays mute, as he allows Kevin Gates to speak his s**t over this emotional trap instrumental.

“I Do This On The Regular” is passionate, emotional, tough and inspirational. Kevin Gates does everything he does great on it, which means delivering infectious melodies and giving us nothing but the real on his verses. Aside from that, I love how he tackles his legal woes on the second verse, letting listeners know about his many displeasures, while also reminding us how he stayed true to himself despite hardships. That’s some powerful s**t.

Kevin Gates would be a really good cult leader.



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