Tyga Keeps The Hits Coming With “Floss In The Bank” (Review & Stream)



Other than Soulja Boy, Tyga has had the biggest comeback in rap this year!

I was obviously being sarcastic in that first paragraph. What I am not being sarcastic about is Tyga’s ability to make some of the most exhilarating club records known to man. With “Taste,” “Swish” and “Dip” already getting major burn, the California native has decided to up-the-ante by releasing a fresh new track called “Floss In The Bank.”

“Floss In The Bank” features production by D.A. Doman, a favorite of Tyga’s, and together, they were able to create this hypnotizing record that has him indulging in booty and getting lost in the lavishness that comes with having big money and being a bachelor. As usual, I love the laid-back nature Tyga raps with, despite his raw ass content. I also love how he’s using this ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to making music, because most of his s**t has sounded the same these last couple of months.

I would be a bigger fan of Tyga if he simply cut his struggle braids.




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