Screams From The Sun Give Us Something Powerful In “The Battle” (Review & Stream)


I had about eight epiphanies listening to this song.

Screams From The Sun are one of those special acts that have a knack for making timeless-sounding music. In “The Battle,” their latest single, they were able to create this unbelievable tune that features some serious crooning, a powerful instrumental, and most importantly, vibes that feel inspirational/motivating.

As amazing as the musicality sounds on this song, I think it is its lyrical content that stands out the most. “The Battle” tackles the topic of staying true to one another, and how the presence of someone special in your life can make a major difference in your psyche. Literally every word that comes out of the vocalists’ mouth on their verses is beautiful to me, and the way they execute these wonderful words is truly something special.

Don’t you feel replenished listening to this song?





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