3mind Blight Dishes Out Some Serious Wisdom In “Make This Right” (Review & Stream)


Ironically, on a song called “Make This Right,” 3 Mind Blight gets it right!

I’m not going to lie, 3mind Blight’s rap persona is a terrifying one. If you are brave enough to take a look at his Spotify page, you will notice dark images of random s**t like railroad tracks that lead to nowhere, and skeleton bones in the middle of the woods (How did Blight know the only two things that scare the hell out me?). However, in his latest single, “Make This Right,” he does show a heroic side to him — one that is OK admitting to mistakes, and most importantly, intent on fixing them.

Initially, you may get thrown off by the bizarre action happening in “Make This Right,” but as it plays on, it actually does a good job of drawing you in with lots of infectious aspects. For starters, the instrumental 3mind Blight raps over is pretty dynamic, featuring both chilling violin-play and a tempo to die for. From there, you get a very catchy hook from Blight that sets up camp in your head, and a few verses from him that feature powerful bars and very interesting styles of rapping (Grungy, passionate and downright evil). Personally, I think the song keeps your attention from start to finish, which I think is important considering it’s strong message.

I just said 3mind Blight’s name in the mirror three times, and I heard a noise in my basement! That better be the water heater, man! (GULP)





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