Elle Varner Plays A Hopeless Drunk In “Pour Me” Featuring Wale (Review & Stream)


Elle Varner, call an uber, you are clearly DRUNK!

Elle Varner, everyone’s thick bae from back in the day, is back with a lethargic new R&B banger called “Pout Me.” The song features Wale, and together, the duo was able to make the topic of wooing the perfect partner in the worst of states sound dope as s**t!

On her verses, I love how Elle practically sings until her body gives out, doing her best to play it safe with her alleged lover, but ultimately failing, sounding like a Tequila-guzzling drunk. On Wale’s verse, he plays the cool yet creepy n***a that is willing to pick Elle off of the ground and try his best to setup a Netflix and chill with her soon to be motionless body. Everyone has a friend in their circle that are both Elle and Wale’s character… You should probably call the cops on Wale’s character, though…

Tequila to women is like an all out blitz’s to NFL offenses. That s**t is simply no bueno.



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