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Stream Diego (Jeezy) & Boston George’s “Boston George & Diego” Album


I’ma be real with you, I haven’t been checking for Jeezy’s music these last couple of years. Yes, he’s a legend to me that can still rap better than a lot of cats in the game, but something about his style hasn’t quite transitioned nicely into the next generation of hip-hop. One of Jeezy’s methods for masking this sudden decline was to link up with every single artist he thought was poppin’ in the game (I hate when artists do that). However, in “Boston George & Diego,” a joint project with his signed artist Boston George, the “Thug Motivation 101 creator was able to cook up something raw and relatively guest-appearance-free (The only feature other than Boston George is Boo Rossin). Maybe the Snowman has one more run in him…


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