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Don Q Takes Aim At Tory Lanez In “I’m Not Joyner” (Review & Stream)

N***as drop diss records on GOD’s Day now?

For the last couple of months, Tory Lanez has wanted ALL THE SMOKE with the rap industry. Some rappers have responded to him, while others have chosen to ignore. Today, Don Q, a seemingly random foe for Tory, decided to send shots his way on “I’m Not Joyner.”

“I’m Not Joyner” is powered by Diddy’s classic “Victory” beat. Over it, Don Q accuses Tory Lanez of jacking both his and Drake’s style, while also taking umbrage at the fact that he’s a R&B artist that is poking rap’s elite. On the real, I was never really checking for Don Q’s s**t in the past, but after listening to this joint, I might, cause he absolutely killed s**t here!

Will Tory respond? We shall see…



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