Tinashe Gets Her Rockstar On In “Out Tonight” (Review & Stream)

Tinashe and Mario are on “RENT” this year.

Tinashe is one of those musical talents I believe has the potential to be major. If you look at her track record, she has an abundance of hits, and something about her style screams out special to me. In “Out Tonight,” a single off of FOX’s upcoming “RENT” special, she shines bright, coming across like an absolute rockstar over this exhilarating instrumental. More than anything, I love the pizazz she sings with from start to finish here, which as a result, makes me very interested in watching this television special (Assuming Catfish isn’t on).

Tinashe is bae, but only sometimes (She would be a ‘once in a while’ type bae to me)…



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