Dream Doll Takes Aim At Tory Lanez In “On Ya Head” (Review & Stream)

Dream Doll took a few shots by Tory Lanez on his Don Q diss, and after dropping this joint, it’s clear she ate that s**t. 

Ever since Tory went off on the whole industry, it seems like rappers are coming out the woodworks. Today, one of the Toronto rappers’ casualties, Dream Doll, decided to release a new diss towards him — one that I think is a swing and a miss.

So why do I think this song is a swing and a miss? I didn’t like the beat she tried to rap over, thought her overly-confident demeanor was lame, and worst of all, her lyrics were weak as hell. I feel like she sorta played herself by admitting she was digging Tory before, and definitely looked foolish talking about smashing dudes and s**t. What was she thinking?

Tory Lanez is legitimately winning all of his beefs. That’s pretty impressive.



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