Chris Brown & Joyner Lucas are the only two light skin dudes in the game that I believe would actually slap you.

Chris Brown & Joyner Lucas promised a joint album last year, and unfortunately, we haven’t really gotten many updates on the status of it. The good news is that the duo decided to release a brand new single together called “Just Let Go” today, and based off of what I heard, their chemistry is still on point.

“Just Let Go” is the opposite of what you’ve heard from both Joyner and Chris in the past. First and foremost, the beat they rap over on it has this soothing vibe to it, which as a result, brings out a tamed version of both acts. With the topic of the song revolving around trying to get on the same page with a lover, I thought the duo did a great job of showing lots of passion on their respective contributions.

Do people actually care about this Chris and Joyner joint album?