Born in Cameroon and raised in Europe, Roddie Mira flaunts his naturally distinguished vocals in “Better Off.”

Better Off” is reminiscent of many timeless Craig David songs. Like most crooners of soul, Mira does not hesitate to delve deep into the subject of heartbreak.

With the topic of “Better Off” revolving around the sorrow one encounters post breakup, Mira asks, “What’s this feeling that makes you realize you’re wrong for my life?” Throughout, he contemplates what he might have done wrong, but also realizes that better days will come along. I love the rhythm attached to the song, Mira’s angelic vocals, and most importantly, his knack for delivering lyrics that are real/open. All in all, this is a song about heartache with an optimistic twist.

Roddie Mira is quite the talented artist. Indulge in his new single “Better Off,”