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YNW Melly Lets Loose In “Gang (First Day Out)” (Review & Stream)

I’m happy YNW Melly is home and all, but on the real, this song is God-awful. 

While our guy YNW Melly was doing time in jail, he happened to build a slight buzz. His “We All Shine” project released to much fanfare, especially when it came to his creative melodies and infectious hooks on it. Now that dude is out, he looks to continue his winning ways with “Gang (First Day Out).”

“Gang (First Day Out)” is simply not a good song. It features outlandish lyrics, erratic rapping and piss-poor singing. As expected, YNW Melly shows lots of animation on the track, bouncing off the walls like a n***a that realized he doesn’t have to share showers anymore. Unfortunately, his animation translates to poor music.

YNW Melly is a notch above a cartoon character.



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