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Lil AK (AKA Akademiks) Releases “LANES” With Tekashi 6ix9ine (Review & Stream)

Before we officially cancel Tekashi, let’s enjoy one more joint by him.

Before Tekashi 6ix9ine went to jail, him and Akademiks seemed like the best of buddies. That’s why this new collaboration between the two called “LANES” shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, what is surprising is that it’s a pretty decent song…

”LANES” features a colorful reggaeton-inspired instrumental (one similar to the one 6ix9ine killed in “BEBE”). Over it, both Lil AK and Tekashi bring out their sexy sides, singing glowingly about dismissive/scandalous/disloyal chicks they plan on ramrodding. While the lyrical content attached to the song is atrocious at best, I do kinda f**k with the overall vibes of the song (Especially its melodic nature). Jesus, is something wrong with me?

If I hear this song in the club, I might dance and throw up at the same time…



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