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Desiigner Returns With “Earned iiT” (Review & Stream)

Desiigner is back, folks!

Contrary to popular belief, Desiigner has been pretty decent at making music these last couple of months. Not only has he done a great job of deciphering himself from the rest of the trap-rappers pack, but he’s also shown the world that he has a decent ear for music through his infectious melodies and solid lyrical content. In “Earned iiT,” his latest single, the “Panda” rapper shines bright, providing us with a smooth banger that has him singing pretty delicately and laying out lyrical content that is appealing, vulnerable and trill. Do I think the song has club potential? Absolutely! Especially if it’s played at club Twism on a Saturday night!

We have to start paying closer attention to Desiigner’s music.



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