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Pale Blue Dot Give Off Nothing But Positive Vibes In “Only Love” (Review & Stream)

Pale Blue Dot will bring a smile to your face with this song.

Pale Blue Dot are a band from Charlottesville, VA that relies on emotion, strong instrument-play and groovy vibes to create musical masterpieces. Their main genres of focus are folk, jazz, pop and progressive rock. In their latest album, “Anatomy,” listeners can expect all of these genres mashed together, in addition to refreshing lessons about education and openness when it comes to communication. One of my favorite songs off of “Anatomy” is “Only Love.”

“Only Love” features a vibrant instrumental that is powered by electrifying guitar-play, heavy-hitting drumming and boisterous trumpeting. From there, you get roaring vocals by both of Pale Blue Dot’s lead singers, in addition to powerful lyrical content revolving around finding a love that can withstand bumps and bruises. All in all, I love the energy attached to the song, especially when it comes to its positive nature.

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