Davido Calls On Busta Rhymes & Prayah For A Remix To “Fall” (Review & Stream)

Jesus Christ, I needed Davido to leave this song as is!

“Fall” is so good, more than just Africans are getting jiggy to it! A year after its release, Davido decided to remix the song, and unfortunately, s**t’s all f**ked up now!

The new version of “Fall” features Busta Rhymes and Prayah. On Busta’s part, his grungy rap style strangely fits the song’s colorful vibes. I also f**k with his attempt to pronounce the one African name he knows on his verse. As for Prayah, he should not be allowed on this song, especially sounding like a broke version of Biggie Smalls. (Sorry, I am defensive when it comes to “Fall”).

Why would Davido let akatas on this song?




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