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Soulja Boy Continues Shooting His Shots At Tyga In “What’s A Tyga To A Lion”

Young Draco ain’t playin’, folks!

Tyga and Soulja Boy are currently engulfed in one of the most pointless beefs in hip-hop history. Matter of fact, explaining how we got to today would be a waste of both yours and my time. What I will tell you is that “What’s A Tyga To A Lion” is one of three diss records Soulja Boy dropped today, and as expected, it is a train-wreck. On it, the self-proclaimed Big Draco utilizes this stumbly flow (Yea n***a, I’m creating a word for his buffonish style of rapping) to take shots at Tyga and any foe that is in his way to the money. For those of you that are neither of the two, I recommend you completely ignore what you hear.

Soulja Boy has a lot of time on his hands.



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