Soupblack is determined to make it to the top on “BIG PLANS”

I love when rappers show a level of determination to succeed in their music. mainly because it inspires anyone that might have setbacks in their career to grind harder. In “Big Plans,” Soupblack’s version of a motivational single, he celebrates the grind it took for him to make it to the top, and now that he’s here, how he isn’t switching up who he is. As a listener, I think you’re going to love how spirited/humble his bars are, the lively hook featured guest Tish Tune was able to deliver, and last but not least, the passionate instrumental that powers the song. When you combine all three, you get this powerful tune that serves as the ultimate energy booster.

This song has made me want to pick back up on my ambitions to be the next action movie star.