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J Cash The King Is The Ultimate Misfit On “To Myself”

The Grammy for ‘Misfit Anthem of the Year’ goes to J Cash Tha King for “To Myself.”

If Johnny Cash is the King of Country music, then the Dallas, Texas native J Cash Tha King, born Johnathan Cash, is gunning for the title in his genre. Since he was 10 years old, Cash has been writing his own lyrics. Without a producer or a DJ anywhere in sight and armed with the determination to pursue his passion of rapping, he used industry beats to lay down tracks on his own. That says a lot about him, right?

Tha King’s dedication to his craft is apparent in the quality of “To Myself.” It is a complete track in the traditional sense. There are, of course, the main verses and chorus, but the addition of a bridge gives the song its polished feel. The  transitions between the various components of the track are also very fluid (It doesn’t hurt one bit that J Cash can carry a tune either). For me personally, the mark of a great song is how memorable it is after I remove my headphones and move on with my day — I found myself singing this chorus while I was doing the dishes!

Stream “To Myself” and the rest of J Cash Tha King’s second EP, 4th Quarter, on Spotify.



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