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Malea Radiates In “Hero”


I got chills listening to this song.

Malea is a talented singer/songwriter that is of both Korean and Irish descent. Currently, she is based in Los Angeles, CA, but has spent parts of her life in Korea, New York City and Fort Hood, TX. With experience living in many different places, Malea was able to pick up a love for everything from animal rights, the environment and politics. She also found a love for music, which has allowed her to make one of the most powerful hits you would hear today in “Hero.”

“Hero” is electrifying, passionate and inspiring. It features a dramatic instrumental that does a great job of keeping listeners engaged throughout. Over this instrumental, Malea pours her heart out, boisterously singing about having the ability within to make changes in this world. Personally, I love how daring her vocals are, especially how it intensifies as the song goes on.

The thought of being a ‘hero’ sounds overwhelming, but it’s still a very obtainable goal to have.





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