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Roy Cohenovich Illuminates In “down/HEIGHTS”


Let your emotions be wild and free as you listen to this tune.

Roy Cohenovich is a talented artist that does a good job of letting his music spit out a myriad of emotions. In “down/HEIGHTS,” listeners are treated to many.

Once you press play on “down/HEIGHTS,” you are treated to starry vibes that allows your mind to wander, promoting nothing but creative thoughts. From there, things begin to manifest itself, as the song turns into an all out show featuring electrifying guitar-play, gentle piano notes and heavy-hitting drumming. We also get a chance to hear Cohenovich’s numbing vocals and lyrical content, which at a certain point, tranquilizes you like a musical stun-gun. All in all, soulfulness runs rampant on the track, which translates to quite an experience.

Roy Cohenovich, thank you for the soothing rock gem.



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