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Diamond Lake Shine In “Emergency”

There’s nothing like a good ol’ rock tune that can wake up every part of your body.

Diamond Lake are the definition of authentic rock stars. Since uniting in 2012, they’ve made some pretty solid music revolving around minimalist aesthetics and textural use of electronics (Diamond Lake). In “Emergency,” those sentiments have never been truer, as the band was able to create something that bombards its way into your heart.

The action on “Emergency” never stops. First and foremost, the instrumental attached to it is nothing less than exhilarating, featuring heavy-hitting drumming and untamed guitar contributions. Over this instrumental, the lead singer in the group pierces your ears with roaring vocals and lyrical content revolving around stressing over finding that one high that allows you to feel intoxicated. Personally, I love the melody and energy attached to the song’s instrumental, and also love how powerful the words you hear throughout are. Overall, it’s a great song.

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