Thank Jah for this wonderful song!

I’m under the belief that everyone on this planet should listen to at least one reggae song a day to brighten up their mood. Fortunately, for me, JAH CURE’s “Jah Watch Over His People” has come into my life.

Instrumentally, “Jah Watch Over His People” sounds like your traditional reggae hit, as it features this lively riddim that any fan of the genre would be familiar with. As for JAH CURE’s contributions on the track, it’s melodic, touching and pretty passionate. With the topic of the song revolving around all the powerful feelings JAH dishes out to his people, CURE leaves nothing on the table, spilling his guts out every step of the way. In my opinion, if you don’t feel his every word, you need to check your pulse.

Make sure you stream “Jah Watch Over His People” at the top of the page! Trust me, it’s fantastic.