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ChudaBeat and Kay Dee Gee Suffer From A Serious Case Of Dance Fever In ”Report To The Dance Floor”

Welp, time to bring your dancing shoes out of the closet. 

One of GOD’s greatest gifts (Besides Pop Tarts) is music’s ability to make you do just about anything in this world. Some songs can make you cry, some can make you laugh, and some can make you dance; in ChudaBeat and Kay Dee Gee’s “Report To The Dance Floor,” you get a song that makes you do the latter.

Backed by this electrifying techno instrumental, Kay Dee Gee shines bright, spitting funky bars about everything from getting drunk to dancing like there’s no tomorrow on the dance floor. Despite sounding like an individual that suffers from a severe sore throat, I believe he succeeds in establishing a tone/loose feel that is pretty entertaining to listen to.

I love the instrumental attached to this song! It’s dynamic, featuring glimmering vibes, an infectious rhythm, and most importantly, an energy level that does everything in its power to serve as a musical equivalent to an espresso shot. No offense to Kay Dee Gee, but I can listen to just this beat over and over again.

“Report To The Dance Floor” is ChudaBeat’s first major release. Not only am I rooting for you to succeed because of your muscular dystrophy, but I also think you have the tools to be an all-time great producer.



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