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Khalid Drops “My Bad”

Khalid will have you under his spell in “My Bad.”

I put it on GOD that I haven’t heard a bad Khalid song. Whether it’s a club banger or a R&B cut, dude shines being both himself and soulful. Today, he keeps his streak alive, blessing us with a brand new track called “My Bad” that will have you so deep in your feelings, you might need an oxygen mask.

“My Bad” is powered by this bass boomin’/guitar-heavy instrumental that reminds me of some old school R&B s**t from back in the day. Over this instrumental, Khalid says goodbye to his once-upon-a-time lover, smoothly crooning about putting his phone on silent and sleeping with the rats in the basement of his house (OK, maybe not that second part). I love the song for its energetic yet somber feel, but especially for its old school nature.



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