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YBN Cordae Releases “Have Mercy”

I don’t care what any of ya’ll say, this n***a is the truth!

As the world continues to spin, YBN Cordae continues to make some truly solid music. His latest effort is titled “Have Mercy,” and on it, he shows none.

With “Have Mercy” being powered by this flute-heavy instrumental, Cordae goes off, praying to the LORD for mercy, understanding and the ability to forgive. He also brags about his winning ways and puts his foes in their places, but I choose to indulge in his positive side. Anyway, I think listeners are going to love his aggression, relentless flow and wittiness throughout this song, especially how each comes ridiculously easy for him.

“Have Mercy” > “Middle Child.” (Go ahead and @ me, bro)




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