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Bizzy Bone Starts Up Round 2 Against The Migos With “Enigma”

I ain’t gon’ lie, Bizzy still got it.

In my eyes, there are two kinds of legends: Well-known and cult; Bizzy is the latter. His name may not ring bells as loud as Biggie or Pac’s name does, but he still gets lots of respect from the real ones who listen to hip-hop. With that being said, “Enigma” is his latest release, and on it, he goes ham and cheese with a splash of hot mustard.

“Enigma” is heinous in the most unorthodox way possible. On it, Bizzy spits tongue-twisting bars over this dark instrumental, calling out a few young rappers, dumb rappers and anyone who decides to test his testosterone. As expected, the Cleveland, OH native incorporates lots of gun-talk and bullying into his lyrics, playing the part of hood Elmer Fudd very well.

Bizzy Bone didn’t come out no punk in this beef…




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