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Olga Solar Illuminates In “Tingle Fingers”

I’m all for kicking that box we tend to put people in.

Here are a few words that describes Olga Solar’s artistry: Unique, creative, beautiful, and most importantly, daring. You never know which direction she is going to go from song to song, which in my opinion, keeps listeners on their toes. In “Tingle Fingers,” her latest single, she proves each characteristic I described her as was on point.

“Tingle Fingers” is one of those songs that does its job in keeping you engaged every step of the way. First and foremost, it is powered by this placid instrumental that is as lively as it is mind-numbing. Over this instrumental, Olga shines bright, singing like someone who has leased an apartment on cloud 9. Personally, I love how the Australian singer gloriously tip-toes her way to the finish line on this song, making sure we feel her every word through unpredictable moments of animation and nimble lyrical content. The combination hypnotizes you, and luckily, I enjoy being under Solar’s spell.

I found this song to be pretty amazing!



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