When you shine like Wavii, embrace that glow!

Wavii is living the dream right now! He is a college student who is also a musician that has started up a label (The Fly Go Gettaz) that features a collection of singers and rappers that are on a mission to turn the rap game upside down (Thank God, because that s**t started to burn on one side). With success comes riches, and in “Gold,” Wavii’s newest single, he documents some of his own riches.

Backed by this vibrant trap instrumental that does a great job of testing your speakers manhood, Wavii glows, gifting us with this lively performance that has him singing daringly and rapping boisterously. With the topic of the song revolving around shining by all means necessary, you can hear this level of energy from the Yonkers, NY rapper that is flat out inspiring to listen to… I mean, s**t, we should all want to shine too, right?

Make sure you check out Wavii’s “Gold” at the top of the page. It definitely has some knock to it!