This song is smoother than a soft taco shell.

Just yesterday, T.I. proclaimed himself as the second-coming of Pac. Today, he officially released a song with Snoop Dogg called “Playas Ball, so he is taking the necessary steps to make his Pac claim sound legitimate.

“Playa’s Ball” is tranquil, gentle and absolutely pimpadocios. It features an instrumental that sounds like it took a few puff-puffs while no one was looking, creating a vibe that is calmer than a white person when s**t pops off. Over this instrumental, T.I. and Snoop go back and forth on some Shaft s**t, doing their best to outdo one another with the fliest of sentiments. Fans of the two rap legends will love the chemistry they show on this song, and how they were able to go into their vault a bit with throwback rapping styles.