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Lil Keed & Offset Join Forces For “Move It”

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Lil Keed’s music has been flooding my timeline lately, so I figured I’d give him a shot today.

Lil Keed is yet another young musician from Atlanta that mumbles and sounds like someone kicked him in the scrotum when he raps. Maybe this is the norm? If so, I need to find some positive things to say about dude; I’ll start today with “Move It.”

“Move It” is mean, featuring this dark trap instrumental that would make both Metro Boomin’ and Dr. Dre proud. Over this instrumental, Lil Keed raps with this high ass pitch that makes it sound like he just inhaled some helium. Content-wise, he talks about demanding his respect, showing off his luxurious items and putting grown folks in their places. I respect it!

Offset is featured on “Move It,” and on his part, he kills s**t with his signature tongue-twisting flow. As far as his lyrics, it’s also on some ‘I demand respect’ s**t, but he’s a boss now, so he’s probably going to get it.

Young Thug has birthed so many rappers…





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