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The Empty Pockets Electrify In “Fill It Up”


Anybody else imagine you had a guitar in your hand while listening to this song?

Calling The Empty Pockets a talented band is a major understatement. Their ability to dabble in several different genres is already impressive, but I think it’s their knack for making music that sounds timeless that stands out to me the most. In their newest album titled “Tanglewoods,” the band entertains like none other, gifting us with eleven tracks full of soul, rock-n-roll and flat-out pizzazz! One of my favorite songs from the project is “Fill It Up.”

“Fill It Up” isn’t only intoxicating to listen to, but it also stimulates your earbuds with this high-octane sound. With the song being powered by this heavy-hitting instrumental that features trunk-rattling drumming and kick-ass guitar-play, the lead singer of The Empty Pockets shines, delivering this inspiring vocal performance that sent chills down my body the whole way through. With the topic of “Fill It Up” revolving around living life on the edge with someone who’s worth it, I would’ve preferred the combination of boisterous sounds you heard on it no other way!

Make sure you give “Fill It Up” a chance at the top of the page! Trust me, it’s fantastic!



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