Oh s**t, it’s light skin Tuesday! Wifisfuneral, Jay Critch and Russ have all dropped new songs today!

Whether you like or not, Russ is one of the most dynamic rappers in the game right now. In his previous album, “Zoo,” he did everything from drop tough ass bangers to top 40 hits, even combining the two worlds whenever he needed to. Today, the NJ native makes his triumphant return to the scene, gifting us with this bombastic new track called “Ain’t Goin Back”

“Ain’t Goin Back” is what I would describe as a competitive banger. It features an uptempo instrumental that has some jazzy vibes attached to it, and over this instrumental, Russ lets loose, dropping bars about his success, hustling ways and knack for slaying the lower seeds on his side of hip-hop’s bracket. What I love about Russ’ contributions on this song is that he sounds confident, spewing out ferocious raps with a level of ease that is pretty impressive. (I’ve always been a major fan of rapper’s that spit with great confidence)

Enough hating on Russ, guys, this dudes the truth!