Ciara Releases The Pop-Heavy “Thinkin Bout You”


Can you name one song called ‘Thinkin Bout You’ that’s bad?

Under all of our noses, Ciara has been trying to win comeback player of the year. For the last couple of months, she has released a bunch of new singles, and each has sounded completely different from the other. In her latest, “Thinkin Bout You,” the Atlanta native delivers something for us that is heavy on the pop side.

When I think of pop artists, Ciara doesn’t really cross my mind. However, on “Thinkin Bout You,” she sounds like a natural in the genre, showcasing this funky persona that reminds me of a mix between vintage Prince and a presently-constructed Selena Gomez.  She also gives listeners a chance to hear how capable of a singer she is, reaching notes higher than Tacko Fall.

How much you wanna bet Ciara swears up and down that this song is going to be a hit?




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