Uzi’s back, hide your bibles, folks!

After letting the world know that he was retiring from the hip-hop game (Something I never believed), Lil Uzi Vert has decided to return to the music scene, gifting us with a brand new single called “Free Uzi.”

“Free Uzi” is an erratic banger that features a bass boomin’ trap instrumental and some pretty reckless bars by Uzi. While everything from the Philly rapper’s flows to his energy-level falls in line with what you are used to hearing from him, this particular song features a heavily altered version of his voice. No need to worry, it’s still Uzi, he just sucked on some helium before he got into the booth to make this joint.

I’m debating on whether or not I feel like rating Uzi’s s**t on this site… I mean, the n***a has devil horns on the artwork to this song.