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Trippie Redd Returns With “Murder”

You can’t convince me otherwise that Trippie Redd looks like a Koopa Kid.

Trippie Redd moves very weirdly. After dropping “Love Letter To You 3,” he has dropped nothing but random ass songs that have rarely been two minutes long; the latest is “Murder.”

“Murder,” which is probably not the most favorable name considering what has transpired this week, features an uptempo trap instrumental that sounds like something Tory would absolutely body. Over this instrumental, Trippie has some fun with it, rapping about everything from smoking on something strong to having play-time with our women. Though the song is pretty short, in that little amount of time, Trippie successfully makes you want to punch him in the face (Job well done, bro!).

Trippie Redd looks like a light skin dandelion.



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