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Anderson .Paak Unites With The Legendary Smokey Robinson For “Make It Better”

How much you wanna bet Anderson .Paak met Smokey Robinson at a black barbecue?

Anderson .Paak is prepping to release a new studio album called “Ventura” next week. In the meantime, while he keeps us waiting, the “Oxynard” musician decided to drop a new single off of the project called “Make It Better” featuring Smokey Robinson.

“Make It Better” is an old school jam that features some passionate vocals by mainly Anderson .Paak. Content-wise, the song revolves around getting back on the same page with a lover both romantically and spiritually. Personally, I love how easy-going the song sounds, while at the same time, how daring Anderson is vocally on it. As for Smokey Robinson, I barely heard his contributions.

Anderson .Paak has an old soul. He seems like the type of dude that still has a beeper.




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