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Jennifer Lopez & French Montana Link Up For “Medicine”

I had to remind myself that French Montana isn’t Spanish…

I swear, J-Lo has done everything but sold mattresses in her life. One of her first loves, making music, got some play today, as along with French Montana, she decided to release a hot new track called “Medicine.”

“Medicine” is fiery, quirky, dynamic, and lots of fun to listen to. I hate to do this to J-Lo, but the vibes I got from the song reminded me of some old school Beyoncè s**t, especially with all those damn horns on the instrumental. Personally, I love the explosive nature J-Lo sung with throughout, as she cared less that the medicine she’s prescribing to her lover might be laced with performance-enhancing drugs. (Was that a low- blow? Are we allowed to make jokes about A-Rod yet?)

French Montana joins a long list of rappers who ended up on songs that they probably shouldn’t have be on (Rich The Kid leads this list with the most nominations). I do like French’s willingness to match J-Lo’s energy on her verse, but as a whole, I don’t remember a word he said.

J-Lo comes back more times then that squirrel in my backyard.




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