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Black Camaileon Inspires In “One Nation”

Since we are all one nation, can someone loan me some of their money?

In all honesty, I am all about music that has a message. When you can learn something from what you listen to, there is no greater feeling. With that being said, Black Camaileon decided to release “One Nation” — an old school sounding track that boasts lyrics about unification, national pride and resiliency.

While I wouldn’t call Black Camaileon the best rapper since the late great Notorious B.I.G., he does at least keep listeners interest on this song through forceful bars that pierces at your soul and tugs at your heart. Aside from that, I enjoy the catchy hook he was able to deliver and how it coincides with the exuberant instrumental and vocalist you hear in the background throughout. When you combine all these aspects together, what you end up with is a powerful track that succeeds in delivering quite the message.

American pride can take you a very long way.



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