I have reason to believe 070 Shake has next.

If you aren’t familiar with 070 Shake, I get it, she doesn’t have the most popular name out there. However, she has done a lot of work with Kanye West in the past two years, emerging as a standout due to her creative contributions. Today, she decided to release “Morrow,” and in my opinion, it falls in line with a sound that is very similar to Kanye’s old work.

“Morrow” bridges the gap between hip-hop and alternative music perfectly. It is powered by this hard-hitting instrumental (That is very reminiscent of Kanye’s old s**t), and over it, 070 Shake sings passionately about her fate and how that drives the way she navigates in life today. Overall, I love the way the song flows, how 070 practically spills her guts out on her verses, and most importantly, the urgency attached to it as a whole.

070 Shake isn’t from the UK? OK, my mind is blown…