Ginjah’s “All This Time” is exactly what you need for 4/20.

One of the biggest blessings Jah gave us in this world is reggae music. When it’s done right, I believe it is absolutely impossible to dislike. Ginjah is one of those artists that does reggae music right, and in “All This Time,” he was able to create this gracious gem that has him praising marijuana like it was a cure for hunger.

What isn’t there to love about “All This Time?” It features a high-quality instrumental that gives off traditional reggae vibes, a great melody, and most importantly, passionate lyrics by Ginjah. In my opinion, the dread-headed singer’s solemn mentality when it comes to smoking on something potent is as good as it gets, mainly because it comes out in the form of laid-back music that is as soothing as it is powerful.

It’s that time of the year where Marijuana gets its shine, so expect to hear more music like “All This Time” in the near future. Matter of fact, I’m hearing that Damian Marley and Jah Cure are about to come out with a song very similar to it called “Marijuana.” What a time to be high¬†alive, right?!