Jeffrey Halford And The Healers Shine In “Deeper Than Hell”


Jeffrey Halford isn’t in Kansas anymore.

Jeffrey Halford and the Healers + Floating Records decided to release “Deeper Than Hell” — A powerful track that boasts authentic western/country vibes. While Jeffrey Halford, the lead singer of the band, looks like the grittiest individual ever, he does open up quite a bit on his lyrics, discussing the dilemma of being ‘1000 miles from hell,’ yet not stressing. As expected, you will love the confidence, energy, swagger and overall coolness Jeffrey shows throughout, especially with it being coupled with an instrumental that is electrifying, uptempo and tangy. If you like foot-tapping music, I think you will like this song a lot.

Stay tuned for Jeffrey Halford and the Healers + Floating Records’ “Deeper Than Hell” record coming out April 19th!



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