Heathcote Hill Drops The Passionate “Save the Ones You Love”


Heathcote Hill puts up one of their most powerful performances on this song!

Heathcote Hill are a very respected band. Throughout the years, they’ve been applauded by everyone from Rob Arthur to Tory Ridder for their outstanding/engrossing music. In “Save The Ones You Love,” the band’s latest single, they gift us with a deep tune about reaching dreams and leaning on the right individuals on your journey to reaching your dreams. Overall, I think listeners will love the soothing vibes “Save The Ones You Love” gives off, the lively instrumental that powers the song, and most noticeably, lead singer Megan Porcaro’s marvelous vocals and riveting lyrical content throughout the song.

Make sure you check out “Save the Ones You Love” at the top of the page!



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