What are ya’ll haters gonna say when you find out that Russ just made a legit club hit with this song?

Russ and Davido may seem like an odd couple, but when you are as talented as they are musically, you can make any collaboration work. In “All I Want,” a new single the two artists made together, they were able to create this super catchy/smooth banger that does a fantastic job of mixing both Naija and hip-hop vibes together. Additionally, Davido makes sure he plays his part as a passionate crooner that wants to give it all to his chick on the song, while Russ plays a playboy that also wants to give everything he has to his chick, but he wants to make sure he disrespects those who can’t in the process. Whatever the case may be, both guys sound like them dudes on this song.

In the Russ power rankings, the Russ you hear above has leapfrogged the Thunder’s Russ… (N***as can’t rock the baby and lose a playoff series in 5)