Charlie Christmas is having a happy day, and he wants to make sure you have one, too!

Apparently, Charlie Christmas is a ‘weird old man.’ Not because I think so, but because it’s the title of his new album. One of the songs off of that album is “Happy Day,” and based off of what I heard from it, he’s a hypnotizing old man, too.

“Happy Day” is a drowsy/calm/soothing gem that has a smooth instrumental that features a slow pace and outstanding instrument-play. Over this instrumental, Charlie gets his drift on, singing serenely about having a happy day and how everything going on around him is currently rosy. Personally, I love the free-spirit feel attached to the song, especially when it comes to the positive vibes Charlie gives off on his lyrics. Hey, who doesn’t need vibes like this in their life?

Charlie, you might be an old man, but you can definitely hang out with me in my backyard and look at some skies!