Forget finding Nemo, let’s setup a search party for Kyle Oashu!

You know what I love about music? You never know what you’re going to get when you press play on it. Sometimes you can see a title for a song that sounds gentle, yet you get some hardcore rap in it; or you may see a song with the grittiest of titles, yet you hear some lovely vocals on it. In “stars of the ocean,” you get a little bit of both, as South Carolina’s Kyle Oashu introduces himself to the world as a multi-talented rapper that wants to be discovered by anyone but the boogie man. Interestingly enough, Kyle also drops bars filled with wisdom and valuable life lessons on his verse, letting the world know that his mental is strong, his motivation to succeed is prevalent, and most importantly, his music skills are diverse.

Make sure you check out “Bunni” — Kyle Oashu’s ten track project that features lots of versatile/meaningful music.